Netrosol Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions play a crucial role on our website by elucidating the stipulated terms set forth by Netrosol. Through a comprehensive analysis of these terms and conditions, visitors gain invaluable insights into the intricate landscape of software development agreements and their associated deliverables. These terms serve as a foundational framework that outlines the rights, responsibilities, and expectations of all parties involved. By familiarizing oneself with these provisions, clients and collaborators can navigate the software development process with transparency, clarity, and a shared understanding, fostering a productive and harmonious working relationship.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

All property rights, titles and interests in all and every part or component of the developed product including but not limited to software, database, documentation, logos, copyrights, trademarks and any all artefacts covered under development proposals are the sole and exclusive property of Netrosol.

Netrosol retains sole and exclusive ownership of confidential Information, all intellectual property included in the deliverable of the projects any medium of expression (including, but not limited to, computer codes and programs, tools, database, applications developed by Netrosol).

Approval Process / Sign-Off

The client will ensure that all the processes of approval and sign off which require the direct involvement of the client are completed as soon as possible. The project timelines depend heavily on the complete and full involvement of the client. Any delay in the timeline directly affects the cost of the project. Netrosol will not be responsible for the unnecessary delay caused by the client. If the delay affects the timeline, Netrosol reserves the right to bill the client for the extra days.

Approvals are required for following work products, except UAT response from client is expected within 3 business days. UAT sign off has a one week window during which UAT reported defects will be fixed by Netrosol and a final sign off is required by the client within one week.

Project Delays

Any delay in a project deliverable by Netrosol will be notified to the client with explanation of delay and corrective actions. Netrosol Management will try to notify the client at the earliest possible time when a delay is foreseen due to any reason.

Change Request

Once mandated deliverables are signed-off by the respective authority, further changes/amendments will be considered as ‘Change Requests’ and be progressed through an agreed Change Management procedure and submission of Change Request Form(s). Any major deviations from the scope will require mutual agreement on the cost and/or time scale impact.

If the client and Netrosol do not agree on a request, which is considered as a changeable request, the matter shall be escalated to the project coordinator assigned by both parties. In case an agreement could not be reached it will be presented to the steering committee.

User Involvement

Clients will make sure that the users provide sufficient time as requested by Netrosol during the business analysis phase and the appropriate sign-off stages. This will also include time required to review major deliverables to ensure timely delivery of the projects. Clients will contribute analysis, requirements and feedback with the development team throughout the development life cycle of each module.

Acceptance Test

User Acceptance test will be conducted by the client to verify the functions in the requirement specification (RS) and ensure no critical problems remain outstanding. Functions, which are not part of the requirement specification but are considered critical, have to be raised as change requests (see Change Management above). At the end of the User acceptance phase the user will issue a user acceptance letter, which will indicate that all the requirements of the project have been met. Minor alterations / changes at this stage will not delay the user acceptance approval unless any major defect is detected.


Implementation of the software will be for a specific platform that will be agreed upon with the client. Any further implementation platforms that require installation of the software will be subject to a further proposal and costs. Solution will be hosted on Netrosol production servers.

Warranty Period

Netrosol will provide a 30-days warranty period, during which programs defects and functions that do not perform in accordance with the signed-off requirements specification will be rectified without cost to the client.

Travel Expense

The client will authorise all travel expenses in advance and reimburses all actual expenses. Netrosol will make every effort to minimise travel costs to the client.

Governing Laws

All Applicable Pakistan regulations apply to this Development Proposal.

Business Risks

The business risks that may be faced during project development are as follows;

  • If the requirements specified are not valid, then the success of the project cannot be guaranteed.
  • Our design team shall not provide or document any requirement that has not been specified by the Client.

Additional Terms

The Development fees are exclusive of Taxes, duties, charges and levies which shall apply as per applicable provision to Federal and provincial law.

The costs include software development, design, deployment & training charges; normally the amounts are exclusive of any hardware, software licences or 3rd party components required for the system deployment.

The price proposed based on the scope defined in the proposals. All changes will be treated separately as per mutually agreed change control process.

  • Solution will be hosted on Netrosol production servers.
  • Netrosol will provide 30 days free support after deployment of the application.
  • Any defect in application will be fixed by Netrosol without cost to Client.
  • Any changes identified would be treated as a separate development project and would be handled through a change control process.
  • Netrosol would by no means be held responsible for any data loss due to power failure, natural disaster, or any other cause.

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