Netrosol Privacy Policy

The privacy policy explains the specified reason for information collection by netrosol. By analyzing the privacy policy, you can also determine how you can maintain the information collected by netrosol or how you can contact us regarding your queries.

1. Data privacy

We collect your information via the contact form available on our website. We collect your specified details including your name, email address, and additional information. Netrosol does not share your collected data with any third party or intermediary. If you have any queries concerning the data collection or this policy, you can contact us at info@netrosol.com.

2. Usage of your personal data

Netrosol only utilize your personal information just to contact you and inform you regarding offered services or to give a response to your queries.

3. Job application

Your data is also collected via resume when you apply at info@netrosol.com to join our team

4. Development of business relationships

We also use your personal information to develop business relationships with you if you are an existing client of Netrsosol or become one in near future. Data is also utilized to send you updates based on your professional interests.

5. How we use your personal data

We will use your email address, phone number, or other contact information you provide us by written or oral means for contacting you and providing you with the services and information that you request; it also allows us to correctly respond to your comments and questions.

6. Third parties

The selection of third-party services is done in a controlled way to ensure your data transparency. We only use those services that are compliant with GDPR or various data protection regulations.

7. Data storage

Your data will be stored for a long time unless you withdraw your consent.

8. Sending a complaint

You can email us at info@netrosol.com if you want to raise any complaint.

9. Subscription to our updates

We get access to your email address along with your subscription preferences when you subscribe to our updates

10. Privacy Policy updates

We ensure better quality services by timely upgrading our security standards and third-party services. Updation of our Privacy Policy occurs from time to time.

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