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My Government
Virtual Court Room
rasa logo
FIMA corporate website based on HTML5
Representative corporate website for intelligent solution Leader fulfils new technology and style trends: HTML5, optical phenomenon scrolling is compatible with all kind of touch screen devices.
rasa images
KT logo
Official website and electronic services system
We developed exclusive and easy web interface and electronic services for Competition council of the Republic. By using official user authorisation and e-signature customers will apply for institutional services, give request and reports, get the answers and monitor the method of service delivery.
KT images
50forfreedom logo
Website was launched to extend people awareness regarding trendy slavery worldwide and support International Labour Organization's Protocol on Forced Labour. This project is integrated with client CRM, Google maps and Social networks API.
MV logo
"Government" website and e-democracy servises for citizens.
We developed responsive websites for thirteen ministries and governmental establishments, creative content management means that, open information tools and e-services management softwares. Website is integrated with five external systems.
MV images
vts logo
We developed worldwide creative and unique concept for courts. This instructive tools permits you to participate in virtual court room: meet with the hearing method, participants and their functions.
lteu logo
The Official website of EU funding and social network
We developed responsive user friendly interface and trendy design portal that consists of multiple modules for financial data. Website contains computer network system for registered users of public sector establishments workers. Integration with third party systems ensures fast information exchange. Different target teams are informed regarding the updates by email, social network and RSS feeds.
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Melosity logo
Co-Creation music community.
It is a worldwide distinctive our developed project for start-up. This niche project opens the gates for the long run of music trade. Social network with integrated skilled music creation code permits music industry professionals in addition as beginners to collaborate real time online to create music & melody.
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Friendly user experience and responsive design website
We have build and designed unique and modern, user friendly website reflecting main target audience needs of Social, Security and Labour.
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responsive website
Euro becomes official currency from 2015 in Lithuania. We have build official website as major communication tool for establishments, helpful tools, interactive maps and Android/iOS mobile applications for Lithuanian folks serving to straight forward and clearly to access.
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Meet Future's TECHNOLOGY now!
We have build a fully responsive corporate website for the leading Baltic regain Audio Visual product integrator and distributor.
lteu logo
responsive websites for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and representations worldwide
We have fulfilled over twenty latest trends, making a modern and unique user interface. Large-scale content is controlled by advanced "SystemSight cms" tools. Advanced user expertise is compatible usability standards.
adcfly logo
For Android and iOS. Application contains insurance booking and avia tickets, automotive rent and parking rezervasion services.
app store
google play
smm images
smm logo
We build website and mobile web for the Ministry of Education and Sciences. Project contains social network for the Ministry employees as well as documents, agenda, reservation system and personel management tools.
eu2013 logo
Presidency of the Council of the European Union
We created a fancy of digital means to support main stream of communication throughout the Presidency: news web site adopted to mobile devices and ipad together with mobile apps.
app store
google play
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studyin logo
We have build website for worldwide students to search out new study opportunities in Europe. Students are engaged with artistic style and friendly info-graphics, user focused voice of tone, interactive tools and helpful info.

9 years of EXPERIENCE




Who we are

Netrosol is full service digital agency based in Canada & Europe.

We provide creative & unqiue digital solutions to bring your products, brands and services to a wider public. With our branding and user focused techniques, customers are engaged and brand awareness grows. Our spectacular consumer list trust us to deliver artistic, interactive experiences for their customers across the entire range of web and mobile applications.

We believe...

in digital technology that turns new & great business opportunities into progressive value.

We are passionate...

about business insights and innovative technology, inventive ideas and exquisite style – however most of all concerning improved results we can measure.

We are different

  • Leading-edge approach
  • Reliable IT development partner
  • Promote innovative brand experience
  • Full digital service
  • Valuable business insights

Clear Difference in Quality

A highly skilled professional service with a creative touch

Combining technology, style & media we develop advanced connections between brands and their audiences. We tend to produce compelling solutions that deliver and sustain business growth, ranging from website and mobile applications to advanced business enterprise system.

what we are the best at


NEED to know how technology can bring you value?

Never stop looking for better solution. CONSULT US.

We design, develop and manage mobile applications and web based enterprise solutions.

We can make your business compete better, perform better and generate more revenue.

Quality , Usability, Security.

Are all at the heart of our unique & smart techniques
Our digital solutions will support your service with innovative technology and user friendly design.

Digital solutions that deliver.
Effective results. Measurable value. Progress through innovation.

Our key strength lies within the individuals we employ: experienced, sharp, and very passionate developers and thinkers. Most of our team members have more than 6 years of experience, higher education and are all certified professionals.


Areas of our expertise

  • research & consulting
  • analysis & planning
  • branding & image
  • visual design
  • copywriting
  • multimedia
  • UI development
  • programming
  • IS hosting

Student internships & work experience

We always welcome young talents and open minded students.

We ensure
  • responsible mentoring
  • full time team support
  • opportunities reflecting experience
We expect
  • new ideas
  • responsibility and delivered results
  • methodology based input
  • long term value

Over 200 of the largest Baltic companies and public institutions are Netrosol clients.
Our long term close relationships with our clients gives us compettive experience in these sectors:

  • Education
  • Public sector
  • Food & drinks
  • Medicine & pharmacy
  • Trade & e-commerce
  • Finance & credits
  • Manufacturing & branding
  • Tourism & leisure

Contact us now. We enjoy sharing

our experience & meeting new challenges


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+44 1332 381673

Email: info@netrosol.com

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+92 300-4656098

Email: info@netrosol.com

Helpdesk: helpdesk@netrosol.com


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